Selling Homes in a World Dealing With Covid 19

The world has changed!  In literally a month our world has gone from everyday normal life to a virtual lockdown!  But the key word in that statement is "Virtual", but I'll get back to that!  We as a community, a nation and a planet have had to adapt quickly to how we go about our everyday lives.  No longer do we have the freedom to come and go as we please & no longer can we take for granted every human interation we have.  We have to understand that every decision we make can affect the lives of our families, our friends and our neighbours.  So what does this mean for the future of Real Estate?

As a real estate agent we are obviously concerned when everyone is told to stay home, but that doesn't mean we just throw in the towel!  We, like everyone else need to adapt.  It reminds me of a great quote by Jimmy Dean:

"I can't change the direction of the wind.  But I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination"

That's what we're doing, finding new ways to match buyers and sellers in this difficult time.  But how are we doing this?  Simple, we are creating virtual showings of all our listings so buyers can see the home from the comfort of their home.  We are doing Interactive "Facetime" or "Google Duos" showings for clients not comfortable leaving their home but still want the ability to ask questions while the tour is taking place.  We are providing Virtual Home evaluations for those interested in selling their home.  We have the capability of providing face to face (through the screen) video conferencing. We can send all documentation through electronic signing technology. We can even accept deposit cheques through E-Transfer.  We have become totally virtual!  And although I look forward to the day I can meet my clients again face to face (no screen:), I know that while we are in this crazy times the only way to move forward is to adapt.  

I was fortunate enough to see this innovation in our industry work first hand.  A realtor reached out to a network I am a part of on Social Media asking if anyone had any listings coming to market that fit a certain criteria. Lucky for me (and more importantly my clients) I did have a listing that fit exactly what he was looking for. Here's a wonderful message the realtor sent to me on Social Media:

"I really hope Danny James doesn’t mind this public show of appreciation. A time when showings are being declined, but buyers “have” to find a home it sure can be tough. My seller had just sold pre Covid and now was on the hunt for a new home and fast. After showing a couple of Danny’s listings he took the extra step to bomb bomb a coming soon listing to me. After seeing all we were looking for in the home, discussing particulars as much as we could ahead of time, we took the last step to show.

I just want to say that taking this extra initiative of a video tour during these times, made all the difference to my buyer. It was going above and beyond and showing to our clients that we are there for them.

So thank you Danny for being a great agent and making this deal happen under tricky circumstances during this crisis."

Thank you Marc Stokes for the kind words!  And please know this doesn't happen without Marc going over an above for his client and looking for solutions outside of MLS when nothing that fit his clients needs was available!  It's this type of hard work that gives me hope that we will get through these hard times.

Stay Safe Everyone!  and Stay Home.  And Remember we are still available!

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